Attentive staff and comprehensive facilities

At Varador l’Escala, you will have access to qualified professionals and specialists in all the services that you need for your boat.


Everything you need for your boat at Varador l’Escala

An extensive area of facilities at your service

11,000 square metres for the maintenance and repair of your boat

Varador L'Escala - Área técnica
Technical Area

Technical area of ​​more than 11,000 m2

Varador L'Escala - Travelift

Until 60 tn and 22 m

Varador L'Escala - Grúa

Until 6 tn

Varador L'Escala - Muelle de espera
Waiting dock

40 m

Varador L'Escala - Hangar

More than 1.500 m2

Varador L'Escala - Reciclaje
Waste management area

Committed to the environment

Crane and travelift

We have a travelift for the movement of boats up to 60tn and 22m in length, as well as a Kalmar forklift for boats up to 18tn and 8m in length and a crane for models weighing less than 6tn.


Varador l’Escala has almost 10,000 m2 of open-air premises for boats up to 22m in length.

The perimeter surrounding the facilities is closed and there is a dock for repairing floating boats on the same premises. The shipyard was designed to be sustainable with the environment, and has a waste water system as well as both domestic and special selective waste collection containers.

Our clients have personalised electronic access to the premises during opening hours depending on the time of year. In this way, they can carry out basic work on their own boats with a connection to a supply of water and electricity, as well as access to customer toilets. Please contact us to request access.

Customer service office

At Varador l’Escala there is a dedicated office for customers and suppliers, where they will attend you in Catalan, Spanish, English and French.

You can consult our office for advice on how best to keep your boat in the best conditions and coordinate the transport as well as the work to be carried out. This facility is complemented by a training room and a car park for our customers and employees.


In the shop, which is located next to the Customer Service Office, you can buy cleaning, repair and maintenance products as well as accessories for your boat.

You will find top brand products such as International Paint, Jotun, Volvo, Imnasa, Recambios Marinos, Sadira, Inoxmat or Minea.


Our boat repair, carpentry and painting workshops are located on site at Varador l’Escala. In this area, which includes 1,200 m2 of the premises, our expert staff will be at your service to coordinate the work you need done.

The Varador l’Escala technical staff are specialists in hoisting, launching, cleaning and wintering storage of boats as well as in the completion of modern treatments to the hull underbody and upperworks, stripping and application of antifouling to the hulls of boats. In addition, through Varador l’Escala you will have access to qualified professionals who specialise in whatever you need for your boat.

We have staff specialised in electronics, electricity, polyester, painting, interior and exterior cleaning, carpentry, stainless steel and welding. This way, you won’t have to outsource work to other companies and you will be able to control the services from one same centre.


Nearly 1,500 m2 available for work that requires protection from the rain, wind or temperature to ensure a successful outcome.

Waste management area

We are firmly committed to looking after the privileged natural setting we enjoy.

The Varador l’Escala premises are located next to the Montgrí Natural Park, the Medes Islands and the Baix Ter river, surroundings that must be cared for and respected. Being aware of the fragility of our environment and the importance of its conservation, our environmental commitment is to reduce and limit as much as possible the impact that our activity may generate on our surroundings. This is why we have a set of suitable facilities so that both our staff and our users can contribute and participate in our environmental goal.

They are as follows:

  • Rainwater collection systems.
  • Collection point for ordinary or household waste (paper, plastic, rubbish).
  • Special waste area (oils, solvents, paint, contaminated sludge, hydrocarbons).

The company Femevi, officially recognised with Marpol certification, periodically collects hazardous waste and they manage it. The ordinary waste is collected by a local company Urbacer. Help us to manage waste properly and if you have any queries, contact our technicians.