5 reasons to winter your boat out of the water

With the arrival of autumn and winter, there are many who stop sailing temporarily. This period of time, during which the boats are no longer used, is called winterizing and must be done properly to be able to enjoy the sea again with the return of good weather.

This process can be carried out in the water, leaving the boat ready to face the season in the best conditions, or out of the water, which offers clear advantages.

1. Protection

With the boat out of the water, the aggressive action of the marine environment is eliminated, both from the saltpetre and from the algae and the coquina that end up settling on the hull while it is in the water.

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2. Hull drying

Out of the water, the boat hull dries out, which is particularly beneficial for fiberglass models, which end up absorbing moisture. In these cases, dry wintering will help reduce the risk of the dreaded osmosis appearing.

If osmosis has already appeared, it will be a good time to treat it, a process that you can carry out in Varador l’Escala thanks to its specialists. Ask for information!

3. Time to review

With the boat out of the water, it is easier to check the status of the submerged part of the boat and its appendages, such as daggerboards and rudders, as well as anodes, water and fuel tanks or batteries.

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4. Get the hull ready

The stranded boat makes available the entire hull underbody of the boat and the time necessary to be able to get it ready for good weather. It is a good time, then, to clean and remove the accumulated algae and coquina, as well as to apply a new layer of antifouling to protect the hull when it returns to the water.

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5. Maintenance and conservation

These rest months are perfect to carry out the necessary maintenance and conservation tasks to avoid deterioration and the appearance of future breakdowns. Also, to make improvements or install new equipment.

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