Tips: prepare your boat for the season

A boat in perfect condition is the best guarantee to be able to enjoy it all season without surprises. That is why these are the best months to prepare it in all those aspects that it needs or improve others to gain comfort on board. Check the advice of our specialists!

Hull underbody

Carry out the maintenance of the hull underbody of your boat to avoid damage to the fiberglass. You will also be able to reduce fuel consumption and increase its performance in the water.

It is necessary to clean the hull, eliminating the accumulated algae and coquina and apply a new layer of antifouling to protect the hull from the fixing of these elements.

Ask for the Express Maintenance service in Varador l’Escala and this summer, enjoy a hull in perfect condition!


Check the condition of the engine and carry out its annual maintenance or entrust the task to a specialist.

Remember that in Varador l’Escala you can find this service and even schedule its Monthly Maintenance from October to March.

Exterior and interior inspection

Check the interior and exterior of your boat thoroughfully to detect possible damage and repair or replace the most deteriorated components or those that need it to guarantee the maximum durability of your boat.

Need help? From Varador l’Escala we put all our services at your disposal to make it easier!

The moment to consider a refit

Have you considered installing or making any improvements? If this is the case, remember to plan it in advance to have your boat ready for the season. Fiberglass, nautical carpentry, engine replacement… Do you want to do a refit? We help you! Contact us

A thorough cleaning

Clean the boat thoroughly, removing salt and any other type of dirt that may have accumulated both inside and outside.

If you have a sailboat, keep in mind to properly clean the rigging and sails to continue enjoying them in the best conditions.

Do you want someone to do it for you? Hire the Varador cleaning service

Electronics and electricity

Check the correct functioning of the electronics and electrical devices of your boat, as well as the condition of the batteries to guarantee maximum comfort on board.

If you need any repair or replacement, at Varador l’Escala we are specialists in electronics and installations. Contact us, we can help you!